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Powerful Hypnosis
Drift to a serene place within your
mind... soft tranquil music with
hypnosis guides you to a very
special place that provides your
mind and your body the opportunity
to heal. This journey lasts approx.
51 minutes. $17.99
Temporary out of stock
Curb any negativity that might be
blocking your success! Fortify your
confidence! Experience an energy
boost and enthusiasm! Adopt a
mental diet making every day a
successful day!!  This journey
lasts approx. 59 minutes.
Temporary out of stock
Be in charge of your life, quite
being owned by that cigarette!
Free yourself of smoking once
and for all! While you relax and
move into the future as a
non-smoker you will be
experiencing  success. This CD
lasting 46 minutes will assist you
with reinforcing your choices of a
balanced and healthy life style.
$17.99 Purchase
Temporary out of stock
Excellent for stress  management
and insomnia. 51 minutes of music
and hypnosis... designed for you to
recall and remember. And most
importantly, for you to utilitze in your
daily life. $17.99 Purchase  
Temporary out of stock

This meditation leads you to a place
where  you can relax and replenish. 8
minutes of relaxation ... ENJOY!
IMPROVE your life immediately!

Let your mind go... Meditation

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